Young folk tell us about their song, 'Arran Rise'

Thanks to funding from Creative Scotland and partnership with North Ayrshire Council, The Soundsystem Project were able to visit the Isle of Arran from the 11-13th February 2022.

Working with the young folk of Arran Youth Foundations over the weekend, the aim of the project was to let young people experience writing, recording and releasing their own song under the guidance of tutors, producing all elements of it down to the artwork.

The young folk, calling themselves Larkish Youth, produced a great song called 'Arran Rise', which really captures the experience of living on their island as a young person. In their own unique voice, they have summed up the good and the bad.

Thanks to the kindness of Chris and Jan Attkins at Positive Pictures we were able to sit down with the young folk involved in the project and let them very eloquently tell us about what the process involved.

Young folk involved in Larkish Youth were: Megan, Ceirah, Callum, Alyssa, Aleksander, Hamish, Caylyn


Posted 23/02/2022