Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films video

Arran Youth Foundations' recently formed Eco Club have created a film for the Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films competition, which can be seen below.

As the video calls people to action, here are the steps that the young folk of the group would encourage everyone to take.

1.    Take personal action
People wonder how much difference an individual can make with their actions, in the grand scheme of things. This article lays out, through interviews with individuals such as Greta Thunberg, why the small changes each individual makes can be powerful.

Net Zero Nation have a whole section on their website on how you can do your part in helping Scotland to achieve net zero (which is the point at which the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we put into the atmosphere and the amount we’re able to take out will add up to zero). This page has lots of information on how you can eat greener, cut your emissions through active travel and public transport, reduce/reuse/recycle and lots more.

Keep Scotland Beautiful have also produced a Guide to Climate Change, the last section of which lists practical ideas on how you can take action to reduce your carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same.

Imperial College London have ‘9 things you can do about climate change’

2.    Encourage businesses to act now
Keep Scotland Beautiful have some resources for how your business can reduce its carbon footprint and increase its knowledge of climate change. If you work for a business, you may want to take a look at the link, or as an individual you may wish to share this with businesses you know. You can also encourage businesses to act on climate change by voting with your feet, and only giving your custom to those with responsible climate behaviours.

3.    Take political action
This may be in joining or voting for a party who you believe to be the most proactive on climate change, contacting your local MP or MSP, or by joining a pressure group that campaigns for climate action. Either way, we as individuals need to pressure the Scottish Government to take the strongest actions possible to address the crisis.

Posted 21/10/2021