Young folk make film about Covid on Arran

The young people of Arran Youth Foundations have made a series of short films on Covid on Arran, looking at how the Arran High School community responded to the pandemic.

In August 2020, Arran Youth Foundations linked up with Arran High School to provide school-based youth work, when this is all that government regulations allowed for. As part of this, we worked every Wednesday with a seniors group. The group were keen to take part in film-making, and this evolved in to shooting a very positive short film on how the Arran High School community responded to Coronavirus.

We decided the easiest way to share this would be in six parts and although shooting took place at the end of 2020, the final result wasn't shared until summer 2021. The feedback from these has been great. All six parts can be viewed below or on AYF's YouTube channel.


Posted 01/10/2021