New AYF film set to go viral

Arran Youth Foundations are hoping our latest video will go 'viral' - and the High School could attract new teachers to the island as a result!
The short film, created by the youth group's film-making club, takes a cheeky look at life at the school from the pupils' perspective and also features a series of very positive interviews with current teachers. The idea behind the clip is to promote the island to prospective teachers who may be considering a move to Arran.
The group's youth worker, Graeme Johnston, explains: "Mr Auld approached us last year about making a film for the school, as he had seen previous work by AYF's talented young film-makers. He had also enjoyed the very eye-catching video that the island's doctors had produced in order to attract applications and was hoping we could produce something of a similar nature.
"The end result is full of humour and is actually very well made, especially considering it was made by a group of S1 to S4s working once a week after school. I'm very proud of the young people who made it.
"I think there's a great chance it will really take off and gain a lot of interest for both the group and the school; certainly the feedback from our sold-out screening in November was positive, and within the first 24 hours of putting it on Youtube we had over 700 views already!"
Anyone who wishes to view the clip - or any of the group's other films - can go to or simply watch below.

Posted 16/01/2014