Arran Youth Foundations was established as a non-profit making charity as a company under guarantee in 2008.
Our goal is to establish a drop-in centre for the youth on Arran, who often hang around the streets of Brodick of an evening with very little to do.

Based in Brodick, the centre is a safe, warm environment where young people can engage in fun and meaningful youth work activities, sharing a laugh with friends and assisting them to reach their potential through activities of their choice.

Through the gradual development of their management skills and with ever-increasing young person involvement, it is hoped that in time the young people will administer the centre themselves, through the supervision and mentorship of Graeme, our full-time Youth Work Project Manager.

We are also looking to connect with young people in further-flung areas of the island in innovative ways; this has begun with football coaching for primary children in the Shiskine valley and will continue with one-off events in different villages and the possible use of a community bus.


Our charity has five trustees (Helen, Angus, Richard, Jackie and Pietre) and a committee who meet on a monthly basis to discuss the progress of the project. We also have one full-time employee and one part-time employee. Those involved with AYF are detailed below:

Angus Adamson (Chairperson)

Angus's responsibilities as Chairperson include helping to manage and lead the organisation's affairs, keeping things on the right lines, as well as supporting and encouraging other members, including the charity's employee. He also prepares the agenda for and chairs the meetings.

Sylvia Alison (book-keeper)

In her role as book-keeper, Sylvia ensures all of the day-to-day expenses of the charity are properly accounted for. She deals with salary employees, tax, pensions, and the other administrative tasks involved in employment. Any expenses incurred by the charity are dealt with by Sylvia who keeps records and receipts. She also does much of the work in preparing accounts for monthly meetings and end-of-year reports, as well as dealing with funds and grants that AYF receives.

Evelyn Hamilton (Safeguarding Officer)

In her role as Safeguarding Officer, Evelyn's responsibilities include being the named contact to whom any Child Protection concerns should be reported. In such an instance Evelyn will then report to appropriate authorities, while respecting confidentiality. In this role she will also keep up-to-date with the latest Child Protection training through our affiliation with Youth Scotland, as well as taking responsibility for our Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme checks.

Graeme Johnston (Youth Work Project Manager)

Graeme is an employee of the charity in his role as Youth Work Project Manager, and his responsibilities include engaging with the young people of Arran and building relationships with them through the charitable activities of Arran Youth Foundations – weekly after-school clubs – for which he is responsible for planning and delivering. He is also responsible for building relationships and working with volunteers, and creating and maintaining links with other community groups. Graeme also performs the tasks of a fundraiser, applying to grants that help sustain the AYF project.

Helen Kerr (Fundraiser / Trustee)

Helen fulfills the role of the charity's Fundraiser, securing salary and other costs that the project needs to continue. She is also one of the Trustees responsible for setting and maintaining the vision, mission and values of the charity. Along with the other Trustees, she is responsible for tasks involved with the charity such as developing strategy, setting up employment procedures and establishing and monitoring policies. It is also her responsibility to ensure: compliance with governing documents; accountability; and compliance with the law.

Pietre Johnston (Treasurer)

Piet has recently come on board to fulfill the role of charity Treasurer. This comes with the responsibility of ensuring the fiscal assets (money and property) of the charity are properly managed. Piet's tasks in this role include: keeping accurate, up-to-date financial records; reporting to the charity's committee; preparing projected budgets; producing end-of-year accounts; ensuring that funds are being spent in accordance with the charity's objectives and that money given for a specific purpose can be seen to have been used correctly.

Richard Small (Trustee)

Richard fulfills the roles and responsibilities of Trustee and also creates great links with the Auchrannie, where he is General Manager. The charity and its young people have made excellent use of this facility with visits for beautician services, sports activities, film-making and committee meetings.


Jackie Stewart (Trustee)

Jackie has recently come on board as a Trustee, and is also going to assist as a volunteer for the sessions with young people. Jackie's main role is as Graeme's Line Manager. Her responsibilities include meeting with Graeme to monitor and evaluate his progress. It is also Jackie's responsibility to support Graeme in his role in any way she reasonably can, such as fielding questions or making decisions.


Also involved in the charity is committee member Debbie Jackson. She participates in all of our meetings and gives input on the many decisions AYF has to make. She gives up much of her time to support the charity as a volunteer, helping out at sessions with the young people and at events like fundraisers. Laura Aitcheson has also recently come on board to the committee having taken a keen interest in the work of AYF.