In 2020, AYF now runs 16 weekly sessions, with loads of one-off activities and trips too.

To be kept up to date on all that we do, check out our Facebook page for young members and the information group for parents and guardians. We also have a public Facebook page, Youtube channel and Twitter account.

AYF is a multi-award winning charity on Arran that aims to engage the young people of the island in fun and meaningful youth work activities. Based in the youth cabins behind the high school in Lamlash, we open every day of the week for a great variety of activities and events.

Through our work, AYF aims to increase the self-confidence of young people, helping them to better realise their potential, involving them in decision-making and assisting them to take on increasing responsibility.

Please browse our site to find out more about who we are and what we do.


Our awards - from left to right: Graeme Johnston, Full-Time Youth Worker of the Year 2017; Hollie Watkins, Part-Time Youth Worker of the Year 2017; Abbie Jackson, Young Volunteer of the Year 2017; Helen Kerr, Community Champion 2017; and Arran Youth Foundations, Mental Health & Wellbeing award winner 2018.

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